True Blue Love


True Blue Love is a mobile phone social networking experience, shop designed to explore the politics behind intimate phone-based relations.

Inspired by a trip to Tokyo, healing Japan, the capital city of mobile technologies, I was struck by the ability of the mobile phone to enhance polygamous activity through non-verbal and thus unnoticeable phone text messaging.

True Blue Love is a networked real-time experience which is intended to run in public, social spaces. Possible scenarios would be to have it run concurrent with a cocktail party, book launch, workshop or other such gathering of a variety of people. Alternatively, designated zones could be established throughout the city, encouraging people to run the software in certain areas, increasing the chances of interaction between participants.

Each person is supplied with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone running custom client software written in the Java programming language. Each participant selects from a predefined list of options
the characteristics of their ideal sexual mate from within the software. While the software is running, every time another phone comes within range, a “love” metric is calculated which is a representation of how close the incoming person matches the participant’s ideal mate. If the match is close, the phone will emit a raucous mating call that will be unique to that participant.

The concept behind the triggered mating calls is to attempt to undermine the silent technology of messaging and email with vocal communication that expresses the user’s desires through a public
broadcast, a broadcast that harks back to more primitive exchanges. The ridiculous sounds should function as social ice-breakers, and the unwilling couple may want to discuss what it is that they have in common that triggered the noise.

A fully functional prototype of True Blue Love was developed for dLux Media Arts and the Mobile Journeys exhibition in 2005 (

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