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On the evening of Wednesday 30th November I’m giving a talk about networked sound from an artists perspective as part of the the workshop series for the NBN Geek in Residence program. I’ve both witnessed (such as the networked live jam at Art on Wires 2010) and participated (Caterwaul, Echo Chamber, diagnosis European Teleplateaus) in a number of different networked sound projects.

I’ll be touching on the following topics, syringe talking about both the practical aspects and pitfalls as well as artworks in this field:

  • Recording devices and methods
  • How, what, where, when and why to sample
  • Designing hardware and software for sonic projects
  • Writing ambiguous scores for sound art
  • Mixing and remixing sound
  • Recording live streams
  • Aural histories and online story telling
  • Streaming platforms
  • Streaming sound projects in electronic art
  • Using live stream audio for live performance
  • Copyright and IP
  • What the NBN means for downloading vs. uploading

The address and details for the event are:
Time: 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesday Nov 30th
Address: 242 Victoria St, Brunswick.
Visit for more details

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