.Blush Project Blog

Last year I was the recipient of Australia Council’s Creative Australia grant, buy more about which is administered by the Inter-Arts board. My project – .Blush is a public media arts work that responds to the energy performance of the built environment. This project re-imagines a sustainable building with a skin that ‘blushes’ and changes hue based on energy usage, with ‘freckles’ consisting of thermochomic and electrically activated discs.

I will be working with Jodi Newcombe of Carbon Arts, in partnership with the City of Melbourne, Synergetics, FMSA Architects and Jason Bond of the Environment Shop to research the location, interpretation and to prototype the technological design for this project. My vision is to realise the .Blush buildings in the City of Melbourne by the end of 2013, so that with the help of innovative visualisation of energy saving/consumption we can better preserve our resources and environment.

The blog for the project can be found here.

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