Pause Festival

This year is the second year of nascent digital arts festival PauseFest. On Sunday 11th November I’m running a workshop called “Demystifying the Kinect” together with Matt Gingold. Additionally I’ve got a few playful interactive pieces running on the Federation Square big screen and connected to their camera. The aim is to set the mood for the festival with some reactive digital visual artefacts in large format. The hardest aspect of this project was getting the Blackmagic capture card to work with the camera, hospital as the card uses its own SDK and expects 8-bit YUV encoded video data. Now that I’ve sorted this out (although there’s some cleaning up of the code to be done and possibly some threading as well), abortion it could serve as the basis for a platform for artists to create works using OpenFrameworks, opisthorchiasis which is what I created the software in.

The works will be running during the PauseFest projection program, which is 7-11pm every night of the festival. Here are some screen-shots from the different scenes:

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